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Truck stops were still a novelty along America’s fledgling road systems when Fred Bosselman’s family opened the first Bosselman and Eaton truck stop along U.S. Highway 30 in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Fred, a farmer and part-time truck driver, knew there was a need for a truck stop along the busy highway that offered service, fuel, and food to the nation’s hard-working truck drivers. The family worked tirelessly on the new venture and the truck stop was a great success.

When construction began on the new Interstate 80, Fred knew the new interstate highway would eventually carry trucks and passenger cars across Nebraska and there would be need for another truck stop.

So, in 1965, he built the Bosselman Truck Plaza at the intersection of the new Interstate 80 and U.S. Highway 281 in Grand Island, Nebraska. It was nearly 10 years later before I-80 was completed across the entire state.

Today, as it has been for more than 50 years, Bosselman Travel Center in Grand Island serves the traveling public and commercial truck drivers alike with great service, a variety of fuel choices, great amenities, and great food.

The Bosselman family still proudly owns and operates the Bosselman Travel Center, carrying on the legacy of serving America’s travelers and truck drivers.

Bosselman Family

Bosselman Family

Fred Bosselman

Bosselman Truck Plaza
Circa 1971

Fred Bosselman

Fred Bosselman
Circa 1965